Meet the former EUSTT think tank members and co-founders of the current platform. 

Some words from the previous Board and founding members:

Pol Villaverde

Former General Coordinator

As the first General Coordinator of the organization, I cannot emphasize enough how proud I am of what we achieved, as a team, during the first year of existence of the EUSTT. From being a group of six young strangers, we are now increasingly recognised as the largest student organization within EUTOPIA, giving voice to dozens of students internationally. Managing a team of such talented people has been a great challenge for me, and I have learnt a lot through the process. I feel grateful for the opportunity, for the trust put in me and for having been able to meet so many great people along the way. The EUSTT is on the right path to continue its activity at the service of students, and at the service of EUTOPIA. I remain at the entire disposal of the new Board the Think Tank as a whole.

Audrey Kerlaud

Former Chief International Officer

This past year has been an exciting journey as Chief International Officier at the EUSTT. During this time, I had to the opportunity to build the foundations of the International Area. Being part of the EUSTT’s success and seeing the organization grow into a leading student organization within the EUTOPIA Alliance is something I feel very proud to have been part of. Everything I learnt during this time will shape the rest of my career. I will never forget the amazing backgrounds my teammates share, the unique challenges we went through, and the fun time I’ve had. I’m wishing the current members great success. You will do great things at the EUSTT! Thank you so much!

Xavier Trilla

Former Director of Communication

Starting from scratch, with goals and references, but having a completely blank page in front of us. This was how the EUTOPIA Student Think Tank took off one year ago. I am now really pleased to have contributed to launching such an initiative, which aims to connect students from all around Europe, their ideas, their opinionscand their research. For me, it’s been a very fruitful stage of my student journey, in which I’ve been able to learn many new things in a short time and got to meet exceptional people. It has surely brought me to advance personally and professionally, preparing me to work in diverse and collaborative environments. 

Nil Codina

Nil Codina

Former Vice-Director of Communication

When I first got recruited by the EUTOPIA Student Think Tank as Vice-Director of Communication, the EUSTT was a newborn idea in the hands of a very small team of bright minds. We were committed to bringing a change in the way European students connect, create and share knowledge. Today, this initiative is made available to all the community of students of the EUTOPIA Alliance and I am profoundly honored for having been part of the process. As Vice-Director of Communication my main duties were to design the website where you are right now, create audiovisual materials to explain the mission of the EUSTT and support the Board in all its steps – specifically those related to shaping a coherent and impactful communication strategy for all EUTOPIA universities. I wouldn’t have been able to do that without the help of Xavier Trilla, Pol Villaverde and Sahil Kamboj, who I thank deeply.

Lori Slivnik

Founding member

I am a student currently enrolled in my last year of a Master’s degree in Cognitive Science, MEi: CogSci. As a former EUSTT Editor-in-Chief, I was responsible of facilitating the publication process by coordinating editors and defining the general writing and editing guidelines.

Chaïmaâ Habab

Founding member

I am a Moroccan journalist and a Master student. For me, journalism is the journey to understanding. As a former Vice-Director of Communication, I was responsible of visual contents for social media that allowed students to connect with the Think Tank.

About the EUTOPIA Alliance

The EUSTT is a student-led initiative created out of the determination of the EUTOPIA Student Council to further connect the university communities across the Alliance. So what is, then, the EUTOPIA?

The EUTOPIA European University (EEU) alliance brings together the operations and intentions of ten regionally and nationally distinct European universities. EUTOPIA’s collective aims to become by 2025 an open, multicultural, confederated operation of connected campuses that facilitates both free movements for all its members, whether staff or students, open cooperation and vigorous participation for all the citizens of its associated communities. In June 2019, the EEU alliance was chosen as one of the initial 17 winning projects of the new European Universities Initiative competitive call launched by the European Commission to build a European Higher Education Area.

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