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Following up on the 2022 ESA

May 16th 2022 - Barcelona

The ‘Following up on the 2022 ESA’ event, organised by the EUSTT and, was a workshop session in which participants took part in a live discussion regarding key issues to the future of Europe. Taking the 2022 European Student Assembly’s Policy Proposals as a starting point, and convening the synergies brought to Barcelona by the The 2022 European Universities Summit and the UNESCO World Higher Education Conference 2022, the event addressed two main issues: on the one hand, tackling the role social media plays in the spread of disinformation, and on the other hand, European foreign policy and energy independence.

The event started with some brief opening remarks by moderator and’s representative Hajar Al Hawari, by the EUSTT’s Head of Events Matías Díaz Roqueta and by the EUSTT’s Representative at UPF Pol Lloberas. Then, participants were divided into groups and assigned different Panels considered by the 2022 European Student Assembly. In just a few minutes, they analysed their assigned topic and discussed ideas to improve the 2022 ESA’s policy proposals. After that, groups presented their conclusions to the whole room. Finally, Pol Villaverde, the EUSTT’s former General Coordinator and participant in the 2022 European Student Assembly, briefed the room about the ESA process and closed the session.

The workshop’s main goal was to promote that ESA Policy Proposals are kept on the agenda and to foster a constructive, interdisciplinary environment of shared ideas. Additionally, it was an opportunity to bring together in the same place many UPF-based students who hold positions within EUTOPIA and the EUSTT, or within other European programmes.

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