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We strive to build bridges between the student community, academic leaders and decision-makers.

EUTOPIA Week 2022

June 30th 2022 - Brussels

The EUTOPIA Week is a twice-a-year moment of reunion, exchange and reflection for our community of a quarter million students and ten universities across Europe. As such, the EUSTT, the only student-led association at the EUTOPIA level, strives to be a notable actor in the successive EUTOPIA Weeks. In the last EUTOPIA Week, held last June in Vrije Universiteit Brussel, the EUSTT publicly presented two of its newest concepts: the publication-centred events and research groups, with the participation of the EUSTT’s Secretary General Matthew McCarthy and its Head of Events Matías Díaz.

Firstly, we introduced the Publication-centred Events, which starting next year will become a platform for our student authors & researchers to present their research in front of an audience, dialogue with academic and professional experts and engage in an open conversation with other students interested in the topic. We hope to maintain and expand the relationship with our contributors, and to offer them and their research more prominence.

Secondly, we presented the Student-led Research Groups, which from September will work to produce research and exchange knowledge in two areas: Imagining Possible Futures and International Relations. The topics have been selected on criteria such as the research topics of our papers, opportunities to incorporate a diversity of perspectives and expanding the EUSTT’s connections. The Student-led Research Groups will foster informed discussion, improve their participants’ research skills and explore new areas of interest for EUTOPIA students. The Student-led Research Groups are open to all EUTOPIA students! If interested to join one of them, please email

Following up on the 2022 ESA

May 16th 2022 - Barcelona

The ‘Following up on the 2022 ESA’ event, organised by the EUSTT and, was a workshop session in which participants took part in a live discussion regarding key issues to the future of Europe. Taking the 2022 European Student Assembly’s Policy Proposals as a starting point, and convening the synergies brought to Barcelona by the The 2022 European Universities Summit and the UNESCO World Higher Education Conference 2022, the event addressed two main issues: on the one hand, tackling the role social media plays in the spread of disinformation, and on the other hand, European foreign policy and energy independence.

The event started with some brief opening remarks by moderator and’s representative Hajar Al Hawari, by the EUSTT’s Head of Events Matías Díaz Roqueta and by the EUSTT’s Representative at UPF Pol Lloberas. Then, participants were divided into groups and assigned different Panels considered by the 2022 European Student Assembly. In just a few minutes, they analysed their assigned topic and discussed ideas to improve the 2022 ESA’s policy proposals. After that, groups presented their conclusions to the whole room. Finally, Pol Villaverde, the EUSTT’s former General Coordinator and participant in the 2022 European Student Assembly, briefed the room about the ESA process and closed the session.

The workshop’s main goal was to promote that ESA Policy Proposals are kept on the agenda and to foster a constructive, interdisciplinary environment of shared ideas. Additionally, it was an opportunity to bring together in the same place many UPF-based students who are engaged in the EUSTT, EUTOPIA and other European programmes.

The BeEUTOPIAn Conference

April 25th-26th 2022 - Brussels

The BeEUTOPIAn Student Conference , organised by the EUSTT, took place on April 25-26 both at VUB and online. The conference aimed to reclaim a meaningful space for discussion, exchange of knowledge and networking within the EUTOPIA Alliance. Each of the two conference days focused on a different topic: mental health and student participation. These two issues were brought up and amplified by the COVID-19 pandemic, and heavily impacted the lives and opportunities of young people across Europe.

On April 25th, the conference started with the inspiring opening remarks of Luk van Langenhove, Vice-President for EUTOPIA at VUB, and of Matthew McCarthy, General Coordinator of the EUSTT. After that, we exchanged with Aleš Mendiževec, Ph.D. at the University of Ljubljana, who talked about mental health and human love and hate for technology in the era of Artificial Intelligence. Later on, David Gosar, PsyD and Ph.D. from the University of Ljubljana as well, taught us about machine learning and how it can be applied to the field of psychology, highlighting its enormous benefits but also its risks. Later on, participants engaged in the ‘Wall of Post-Pandemic Emotions’, which was a relaxed space to express ourselves and contrast the pandemic time with the post-pandemic one. As the final speaker, Olivier Mairesse, associate professor at the Faculty of Psychology and Educational Sciences, showed us the impact of the pandemic on the sleeping habits of young people.

On April 26th, we started with a rich panel of student representatives of associations throughout the Alliance: Marc Jodar from Compartim la UPF, Aïssatou Jalloh from Decolonize VUB, Alexander Şorodoc from AIESEC, Miriel Sissonen from Handels Kvinnliga Nätverk and Nino Shakulashvili from the University of Gothenburg’s Graduate School Organization. They discussed the role of their organisations within the EUTOPIA Alliance and the impact of the pandemic on their activity. After that, we held student flash talks. Firstly, Bernat Payà and Carlota Ropero, EUTOPIA Student Representative and EUTOPIA Career Ambassador respectively, explained to us their role and invited us to make the most of the tools and opportunities EUTOPIA offers to us. Then, Miha Robnik, a philosophy student at the University of Ljubljana, recited a political philosophy essay. Finally, Miša Glišič, Ph.D. Student of German Studies at the University of Ljubljana, talked about cultural hybridity in our daily life. The last session of the conference consisted of a workshop called ‘Changemakers’, where participants formed groups and were handed out pressing current topics for young people such as rising housing prices, lack of funding for research, cheap rail transportation or unpaid internships. The conference was closed by the remarks of Matías Díaz Roqueta, the EUSTT’s Head of Events.

Student Forum: youth engagement in decision-making

November 25th 2021 - Barcelona

Mireia Orra | Director of Joves pel Futur
Ferran Piqué | President of FNEC
Viviane Ogou | Delegate at Council of Europe

On November 25th, 2021, the Eutopia Student Think Tank (EUSTT) organised its first event within the framework of the EUTOPIA week that was held at Universitat Pompeu Fabra (UPF) in Barcelona. The conference, which was titled “Student Forum: Youth engagement in decision-making” intended to formally introduce the organisation to the universities community, and discuss the importance of the participation of young people in society.

For that, three leading voices from youth organisations were invited as guest speakers: Mireia Orra (Director of Joves pel Futur), Ferran Piqué (President of FNEC) and Viviane Ogou (youth delegate to the Council of Europe, and president of La Puerta de África). They respectively talked about the role of youth in political participation, university governance, and Europe.

In addition, the forum had an initial address by Marie Marchand, former president of the EUTOPIA Student Council, a welcome word by UPF Rector, Oriol Amat, and the introduction to the organisation by its president, Sahil Kamboj. About fifty attendees, among which there were numerous students from the different universities of the alliance, followed the event from UPF’s Ciutadella campus and online from home.

Then, after finishing the interventions by the speakers, an open debate started, which fostered interaction between the guests and the public, and finally led to a series of questions and answers that highlighted the interest of the students to get involved in decision-making processes concerning their future.

Finally, the event concluded with some closing remarks by Pol Villaverde, the General Coordinator of the EUSTT and moderator of the session, who insisted on the central role that the organisation will play in the student life of EUTOPIA for the decades to come. We also thanked all those who in one way or another have collaborated with the project, and finally the attendees of the event, who are ultimately the participants to grow the initiative.

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