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Are you interested in publishing an article with us? We accept submissions about all disciplines in both Blog Post and Academic Article formats.

Write for us:

Write us an e-mail at with your name, university, topic proposal (academic article or blog post) and citation style used. Remember to check your “Spam” folder in case our reply ends up in there!

➔ Give visibility to your research and publish your academic article or blog post in the think tank.

➔ Make sure to check the instructions to write an ACADEMIC ARTICLE or a BLOG POST in the documents linked. 

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Tips for authors:

About referencing:

Be sure to follow all these steps before sending your article or blog post to our team of editors and language experts:

Use references (paraphrases, quotes…) to strengthen your text and support your arguments. Make sure that your paper is written following academic guidelines and, if necessary, use a citation generator such as Scribbr or CiteThisForMe

➔ Make sure that the majority of your references come from peer-reviewed journals or other respected sources such as working papers of think tanks etc. You can supplement these sources with news articles or other types of information, but always check the legitimacy of your sources.

➔ If you use pictures or graphics be sure to always mention the source and label them as Figure 1, Figure 2, Table 1, etc. 

Check that all of your references are cited both in the text and in the bibliography and according to the correct guidelines. We accept all citation styles, but make sure that you stay consistent throughout your paper. You can find an overview of the most-used citation styles in this document. Let us know which type of citation style you have used.

About structure:

Apart from referencing your research, structure is a crucial aspect of an article. Make sure you organize your information coherently before sending your work:

Follow an inverted pyramid structure: general information first. Present the topic starting with a general introduction and narrow it down as you go. This sets the paper in a thematic field and also helps readers to get in context.

Make sure that your title is captivating and that you have relevant subtitles that break your text in coherent subsections. This makes it easier to read and ensures the reader can keep an overview.

➔ Try to not make your sentences too long and make good use of paragraphs.

If you are using terminology, always add a  definition of the terms the first time that they appear, especially if they are acronyms.  Afterwards you can use the abbreviated version or the term itself without any further explanations.

Ensure that you end the paper with a conclusion that summarises everything that has been said and your final points. Make sure to not include any new information in your conclusion, it just serves as a summary of your main arguments.