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How is the EU financially facing the corona-crisis?

Maria Delgado i Garcia | With the outbreak of coronavirus in Europe, in March 2020, the European Union (EU) immediately took some actions to reallocate resources to face this multi-crisis. In the first weeks, the EU launched two packages of measures –the Coronavirus Response Investment Initiative and the Coronavirus Response...

UN’s Sustainable Development Goal 16 in the West Bank

Roger Brils | UN's SDG 16 in the West Bank: A study of justice and the Israeli annexation plan analyses a highly controversial topic regarding Israel’s latest government policies, questioning the legal aspects of Israeli actions over Palestinian and minority rights in the West Bank.

Do you consider yourself European?

Cèlia Estruch | In recent years, a debate around the legitimacy of the European Union (EU) has gained relevance. Therefore, EU leaders have intensified the promotion of a European identity, as it is thought to be a necessary condition to guarantee the future viability of the common project. In this...

Female Problem

The female problem

Chloé Kerlaud | The female problem is the healthcare industry that systematically discriminates against women because, for millennia, medicine has functioned with the assumption that the male body represents humanity as a whole. Men are the default humans. The ancient Greeks started the trend of seeing the female body as...

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