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Can we fix climate change without fixing ourselves first?

Leon Mislej | Humanity seems to be good at fixing problems. With our ingenuity and ability to work together, we have overcome many challenges in the past and prospered. However, with climate change, we seem to be having much more difficulty. Despite major talks about solutions, we are still heading...

Joao Jesus

“Remove all the bars”: the struggle of Artsakh

João Jesus | In the South Caucasus, the unrecognized Republic of Artsakh has been disputed for decades both by Azerbaijan and Armenia. Nowadays, the enclave is known as Nagorno-Karabakh Region (NKR), and it is internationally recognized as part of the Azerbaijan Republic even though 99% of the population are ethnically...

Hana Svetin

The Six Thinking Hats Method

Hana Svetin | The Six Hats method focuses on eliminating the confusion that stems from having to juggle many aspects of an idea, namely emotions, negative and positive aspects of the problem, objective information provided, and creativity.

Can student evaluations be trusted?

Can student evaluations be trusted?

Karl Kilbo Edlund | Although nearly ubiquitous in the modern higher education sector, student evaluations of teaching, or course evaluations, have been frequently criticised in scientific literature. From a student’s vantage point, these feedback systems represent one of the most commendable ideals of modern pedagogy: the involvement of student voices...

On the recognition of the non-binary gender identity

Viktor Stuyck | The term ‘non-binary’ became increasingly well-known and widely spread over the past few years, this however does not mean that it has been properly recognized, let alone emancipated. This essay looks at the recognition of the non-binary gender identity by dominant systems and its shortcomings on a...

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